Scoring the bonus points

You will receive ring points for every bet that you make with OddsRing - no matter winning or losing - except for the bets cancelled. Ring points are scored during bet calculation.

The formula in use is as follows:

1. Bet won You get 1 ring point per $1 of your net winnings (net winnings = pay-out - stake) or €1 of winnings for EUR accounts.
2. Bet lost You get 1 ring point per $1 of losses (loss = stake) or €1 of losses for EUR accounts.
3. Return (at 1.0 odds) No ring points are scored.
If your account currency is different from EUR or USD, the winnings or loss amount will be converted to USD and applied to the same formula.

Example. You placed a bet of $50 at 2.5 odds.

The ring points you accumulate are needed to cash the signup bonus and can also be used for claiming a prize. The prize-list appears in the 'Bonus and Promos' section of our website.

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