How do I place a bet?

Placing bets is easy! Choose the event you want to bet on. All events are divided between Live matches, which are live at the moment and prematches that have not started yet - they are in the "Sport" table in the left menu. Lets try placing a bet!

step 1

Lets imagine a match between Manchester United and Barcelona is live.
Find it between the Live matches and choose your odds.

step 2

Let’s choose Barcelona since it's in the lead with 1:0 with odds 1.8.

Your choice is shown in the bet slip. You also can find information about your bet type, team you chose, odds and the maximum stake you can place on that match.

Enter the stake - we decided to place a 55 EUR bet on this outcome hoping to win 99 EUR.

step 3

Click “Place bet" button.

Congratulations! You placed your bet! Now you can enjoy the match or place more bets.

You can add more than one even to the slip to place a combi-bet.